Portrait: Denise AulieThe little Instamatic camera given to me as a child was intriguing! Yet as time passed and I grew, this avenue of expression (eventually with a tad better camera :) began to open up my expressive world more and more than I ever thought it would as a 9 year old with a point and shoot.

I primarily take images in Mexico. The people, the culture, the country with all its beauty and needs, is home to me in every sense of the word. It has been a blessing for me to live here for 38 years.

My goals are varied. There is a not so hidden photo-journalistic aspect of what I shoot. I love to document life, work, and family in a story telling way with a special emphasis on rural life and work. The real joy has come in giving photos to those who may never own a camera, or afford to develop prints, or have the time or energy to record their daily lives. This recording of their memories has been especially meaningful to them and me. The increasing modernization of rural areas means that within a few years there will be an absence in many towns and villages of what we see today. I want to record it before its gone and provide it to the local people for a document of their heritage. Also, it is just plain ol' fun, to make friends and see the doors open to homes in many places all because of an image on paper that proceeds to make a lasting friendship-imprint on their hearts.

I have one incomparable husband and 5 delightful children who have been more than supportive of this pursuit. I give many thanks to them and the awesome Lord I serve. It's been a great life!