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Question   ¡Espectaculares fotos de Italia!
Wow! ¡Las fotos de Italia son espectaculares! Disfruté especialmente las de las personas. Tienes un don para hacernos sentir cerca de aquello a lo que fotografías.

- Carolina Camacho October 06, 2013

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Question   Congratulations
Congratulations, You have photographed the soul of Mexico.

- Giuseppe Alpi April 24, 2013

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Question   beautiful photo
Ciao Denise, non so quante volte ho guardato queste splendide immagini! Penso che solo una persona di grande sensibilità possa riuscire a trasmettere attraverso la fotografia così tanta emozione!!! Queste foto sembrano avere un'anima! Complimenti!

- Cristina Manuali March 14, 2013

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Question   Quel talent !
C'est avec grand plaisir que j'ai parcouru tes albums photographiques, allant de surprise en surprise. Tu ce talent propre aux photographes de dire beaucoup de chose en une seule photo. Je te félicite !
Toutes les photos sont magnifiques mais je me suis amusé à choisir mes préférées que je cite ci-après: Trees in early morning, Still Hopeful, Pineapple Toss, Great horned Owl. Chapeau bas !

- Michel Bruni February 17, 2013

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Question   Amazing

Estoy impresionada! You are an artist!! and I am your fan!!.. Que increibles momentos pudiste captar.. Un abrazo grande

- Claudia Rojas Garay November 09, 2012

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Question   Fabulous pictures
Muchas imágenes impactantes en estas colecciones: gracias por compartirlas con el mundo. Las caras de los ancianos, y otras imágenes de la gente especialmente de la Sierra de Z., me dejan conmovido. Apreciar tu obra produce la misma emoción que ver la naturaleza: aquí se puede discernir algo de la hermosura del que creó todo esto.

- David Tuggy June 11, 2012

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Question   Complimenti!
Ciao Denise,come sempre mi piacciono molto le tue foto! A parte l'ottima tecnica(non me ne intendo ma si vede!),i tuoi soggetti sono sempre affascinanti : la natura viva,i colori caldi e gli atteggiamenti delle persone sono pieni di sentimento e di significato.
Le tue imagini parlano!

- Ramona Arleoni April 18, 2012

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Question   Da Peppino a San Giovanni a Piro, Italia
Denise, Sono commosso per le tue foto scattate nell'estrema spontaneità ricordando le belle origini e l'insegnamento della vita. Queste non possono non riflettere I tuoi bei gesti e la stima verso il prossimo. Farti un commento sarebbe poco ma una accurata riflessione dei tuoi capolavori questo si,dove le foto sembrano composte da una pittura propria quindi in una ricerca di numerossisime foto creandoti una reale biografia. Peppino

- Peppino Sorrentino April 09, 2012

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Question   Touching
A favorite collection of real life pictures. A splendid and indeed excellent collection.I absolutely loved them!

- Shatoo Diyar April 07, 2012

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Question   Excellent!
Great work! I am Mr. Erik's student, a senior at the Classical School of the Medes. I also have a passion for photography. Check me out @

Thank you for your work.

- Arsh Latif April 07, 2012

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Question   from Pedro
Excellent pictures my dear friend Denise; all of them have a special sense..a special spirit...from Spirit of God in you..Congratulations!

- Pedro Huerta-Lopez March 30, 2012

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Question   Hi Denise!
This is your very "old" friend Debbie McGregor! I just stumbled onto this website as I was trying to see if you were on Facebook. I was also trying to look up Barb and Linda. Anyway, WOW! You have certainly found a gift God has given you! I am amazed and hushed at the sacred quality to your photos, causing ordinary people, scenes and subjects to become rare objects of art. I truly enjoyed viewing your pictures and would love to visit with you again, by email or phone. Much love, Debbie

- Debbie McGregor February 20, 2012

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Question   Felicitación y afectuoso saludo.
Hola Denise! me encantaron cada una de tus fotos, pues captas con la lente gran belleza y bondad en lo sencillo y cotidiano de nuestros días. Gracias por cada imagen! Que Dios siga dando de su gracia a tu vida.

Cariñosamente Betty Mora de Quintal.

- Betty Mora January 13, 2012

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Question   Hello
Maybe you'll remember me from a course we had together (photoshop) or maybe not.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I really love your photos and how you see your world. I am sure when I see these that you are a great person
All the best.,

- Anne Zorn December 17, 2011

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Question   ¡Felicidades!
Eres una magnifica fotógrafa. Muy buen ojo para usar la cámara. Felicidades y espero que tomes mas fotos. Me encanto la de las flores de Cempazuchil (flor de muerto). Un abrazo.

- Fausto Peña November 16, 2011

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Question   increíble!
Hola Denise, tus fotos son hermooosas, en verdad pueden transmitir mucho la vida de nuestra gente sencilla, pero tan valiosa!
Gracias por dejar tu país por amor a El, por pasión por las buenas noticias y por amor a México.

- Areli Castañeda October 23, 2011

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Question   your photos
Denise, I can't believe that no one has commented on your photos or website. So, I am glad to be the first. I love your work. If you are interested in photojournalism, you will be great at it. The photos speak volumes of the environment and people. I have wondered if the people are really as old as they look. Some look so sad and others appear so happy. Would you mind if I sent your website to others to view? Keep up your good work. (Would love to hear how you approach the people you photograph and how receptive they are to it.)

- Gayle Johnson December 27, 2010

  Answer Hello Gayle,

Only the people in the BP classes and a few family members are aware I even have a site. Thanks for being the first to comment. You can surely send the website info to anyone else. How kind of you. Hmmm -Maybe I should "go public":)

A friendly relationship is key to having the freedom to take most of my images. Almost every person in the photos on my gallery I know. Sometimes I take a good while to get to know someone and then I will ask if it is okay to take a photo of them working, or sitting or naturally relating to others. I always say they will have a copy of the photo which means more work for me to be sure because I need to take it to a city, develop it and then return and find the subject. I feel it is the least I can do to say "thank you" to them for being so kind as to let me take their image. If the answer is no, then that is accepted with a smile. Afterall, it is their right to say no and I would appreciate that same courtesy should someone want to take a photo of me. I ask an adult in terms of the children as well as the children themselves. People tend to warm up - especially if you show a genuine interest in them. I try to make it short and sweet and then continue to visit with them after taking a photo. If it has to just be memory without a photo, then so be it. That is hard sometimes when you see good lighting and you think to yourself, "Boy I wish I could get this image!" Sometimes it is best to just enjoy the moment and leave the camera in the bag.

- Denise Aulie  December 28, 2010

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