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from Gayle Johnson your photos

Denise, I can't believe that no one has commented on your photos or website. So, I am glad to be the first. I love your work. If you are interested in photojournalism, you will be great at it. The photos speak volumes of the environment and people. I have wondered if the people are really as old as they look. Some look so sad and others appear so happy. Would you mind if I sent your website to others to view? Keep up your good work. (Would love to hear how you approach the people you photograph and how receptive they are to it.) Previous Response:
from Denise Aulie
on December 28, 2010
 Hello Gayle,

Only the people in the BP classes and a few family members are aware I even have a site. Thanks for being the first to comment. You can surely send the website info to anyone else. How kind of you. Hmmm -Maybe I should "go public":)

A friendly relationship is key to having the freedom to take most of my images. Almost every person in the photos on my gallery I know. Sometimes I take a good while to get to know someone and then I will ask if it is okay to take a photo of them working, or sitting or naturally relating to others. I always say they will have a copy of the photo which means more work for me to be sure because I need to take it to a city, develop it and then return and find the subject. I feel it is the least I can do to say "thank you" to them for being so kind as to let me take their image. If the answer is no, then that is accepted with a smile. Afterall, it is their right to say no and I would appreciate that same courtesy should someone want to take a photo of me. I ask an adult in terms of the children as well as the children themselves. People tend to warm up - especially if you show a genuine interest in them. I try to make it short and sweet and then continue to visit with them after taking a photo. If it has to just be memory without a photo, then so be it. That is hard sometimes when you see good lighting and you think to yourself, "Boy I wish I could get this image!" Sometimes it is best to just enjoy the moment and leave the camera in the bag. 

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