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from Gayle Johnson your photos

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from Denise Aulie
on December 28, 2010
 Hello Gayle,

Only the people in the BP classes and a few family members are aware I even have a site. Thanks for being the first to comment. You can surely send the website info to anyone else. How kind of you. Hmmm -Maybe I should "go public":)

A friendly relationship is key to having the freedom to take most of my images. Almost every person in the photos on my gallery I know. Sometimes I take a good while to get to know someone and then I will ask if it is okay to take a photo of them working, or sitting or naturally relating to others. I always say they will have a copy of the photo which means more work for me to be sure because I need to take it to a city, develop it and then return and find the subject. I feel it is the least I can do to say "thank you" to them for being so kind as to let me take their image. If the answer is no, then that is accepted with a smile. Afterall, it is their right to say no and I would appreciate that same courtesy should someone want to take a photo of me. I ask an adult in terms of the children as well as the children themselves. People tend to warm up - especially if you show a genuine interest in them. I try to make it short and sweet and then continue to visit with them after taking a photo. If it has to just be memory without a photo, then so be it. That is hard sometimes when you see good lighting and you think to yourself, "Boy I wish I could get this image!" Sometimes it is best to just enjoy the moment and leave the camera in the bag. 

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